Sunday, August 26, 2007



David Bayevsky
PARAPUSHKINISTIKA 2 - Minneapolis, M.I.P. Company; 2007, 202 p.
Volume 2 (in Russian)
ISBN-10 0-916201-25-2
ISBN-13 978-0-916201-25-8

The second volume of Parapushkinistika continues the task of historically documenting Russian reaction to Pushkin's Secret Journal, 1836-1837 , a book that has been published in 24 countries and has had four editions in Russia alone.
Parapushkinistika , first published in the United States in 1996, not only documents the reaction of Russian society to the Secret Journal , but also offers exhaustive scholarly insight into human nature, the Russian mind set, and the meaning of literature.
Volume two contains material from 2003-2006, as well as material from previous years that was discovered only after the publication of volume one in 2003.
Volume two also contains indexes of names and of print and online sources, covering both volumes.

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